My Paranormal Activity Encounter #2

Ok my Paranormal Activity Encounter #2.

It happened during my pre uni (or Form 6). I was pretty much active in curricular activities since one of the criteria stated to enter local university is to be active in curricular activities. (After all I don't think it does help much, academic result is still the main priority.)

So imagine a 19 year old boy wearing prefect school uniform standing at the back gate of the school alone, writing down the late comer's names and hand them up to the discipline teachers and get hated everyone in the school. fml.

Ok the story isn't about paranormal activity at the back gate! Fyl for those who thought that something happened at the back gate.

It was actually during Prefect's Night. Every year a special night to "reward" the prefects is held in various lousy hotels so as that year. We all hate the fact that we students have to pay for the dinner (and pay for the teachers and staffs as well who come empty stomach just for food!) and organize the flow of the events ourselves! Wtf.

There were a couple of girls prefects in my car that night. At about 11 something, I sent all of them back, and I was in the car alone.

Before continue my story, let me tell you briefly the route back to my house. I actually need to pass by a cemetery (super huge one) and U turn in order to reach my house. (After the U turn there are still quite a few turnings to reach, so my house is not like opposite the cemetery or anything.)

Same old route that night.

Just that it was raining. Not heavy, but it's enough to blur my vision while I was driving at night. The road was extraordinary quiet, which I was wondering why it could be that quiet. Just like the cemetery.

I was driving slow, enjoying myself, listening to So the moment I passed the cemetery. Something happened.

I saw three bicyclists riding towards my car! Yes, they were riding in opposite direction! In the rain! Due to the rain, I spotted them like when they were two or three metres away from me! They were so near that I thought I gonna knock them and kill any of them, if not three, then two!

I remember the one at the middle vividly.

He was wearing a hat and I was so sure that he is an Asian, and the bicycle was the old fashioned kinda bicycles (My sixth sense told me they were Japanese Soldiers or something)

Of course I wouldn't have time to analyze they were or weren't Asians because everything happened in a sudden and I had to react fast.

I just turned my sterling anti clock wise as much as I could..... Like I was going to do a big U turn or something. Guess what, my car was sliding to the cemetery!

The moment I avoid myself to knock on anyone of them, I saw one of them passing by my car, no, I should say floating. Yes, floating.

I screamed "WHAT THE FUCK!" cos I thought I knocked the other two!

Then I turned my sterling back again (to my surprise my Kenari was still stable) and I looked at the side mirror, but guess what, that's a real adrenaline rush when I found out that the road was still empty. NO CAR AT ALL.


While I was driving back, I kept on praying to Buddha. My heart was pumping fast, I was so scared, I knew I didn't kill anyone or what.. But I was like, omg I survived from an accident.

I told my parents what had happened when I reached home.

My dad replied,"You know what day is today? It's the 14th of July according to Luna Calender."

So Hungry Ghost Festival Eve it is.

Compilation of my Portrait Shots

Take a break from horror blog entry first!

Just a compilation of some portrait shots that I took recently. You might have seen them if you have my Facebook. For those who are not in my Facebook friends list or you never bother to see my shots or you have missed it, here you are!

Selangorlicious Media Launch at Full House, Sunway Giza.

Quite like this shot. How nice if Jacklyn was wearing white that night. hmm...

At Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Look like some kinda magazine shot for kids clothes. lol *screw the two DSLR holders behind ruining my photo*


I love colourful and vibrant shots. Sad the "tudung" is covering Emy's eyes. =(


I think you guys have seen this.


Message I wanna deliver is hope and future. *pretend to be pro in photography*

Stephanie's Photoshoot in Putrajaya. There were 340 photos taken, 25 chosen and uploaded in my Facebook and these are my favourite ones. 


Slightly emo and lonely kinda feel.




Keep comments coming in. I'm not a professional photographer, but I admit I do have slight enthusiasm in photography. I just love to carry my dslr and shoot people, food or scenery around me. 

Btw all the photos are taken using my wife- Canon 550D in case there're still readers asking me what dslr am I using since I never revealed in my blog.

Have a nice day!

My Paranormal Activity Encounter #1

I think most of you don't know that I've encountered several paranormal activities in my life but I don't think I've ever shared it in my blog. If you're my close friends, I think you would have listened some of them. Yeah just SOME. I don't think I do have super power to see those things that you can't see with your naked eyes, but coincidentally I've seen or felt quite a couple of times in my life. 

And some of them are really creepy.

(The photos below are just for illustration purposes as I wanna make the whole story more interesting so I just put in some photos)

The first story I would like to share with you guys happened in 2004 if I'm not mistaken, when I was in Form 4. My family and I went to a beach in which we have our own chalet there as my dad has the priority to book the chalet. 
There's only one chalet at that compound and the whole beach is belonged to yours. And it's free! Yes, talking about working as government and you will have such awesome privilege.  

You know, at that rebellious age, I was thinking that outing with family wasn't cool at all. And generation gap has always been an issue at that age. I don't know why. So I brought a friend with me. 

At that night, about 12 am, when my family was sleeping. My friend and I decided to have men's talk at the balcony outside the chalet- talking about relationship, life, and everything under the sky. That was a pretty awesome talk. 

I was startled when I saw a figure in the driving seat of my car when we enjoyed ourselves having snacks and chatting. I couldn't tell how did the figure look like, but somehow I could only see head floating in the driving seat. And that was pretty scary.

I hinted my friend to go back and sleep. 

When we entered our bedroom, I just typed up the message on my phone and showed him 
"Eh, I think I saw something that we shouldn't see..."

The next few days, in fact months, I kept seeing black figures passing me. When I looked at the area where the figure supposed to pass by, it went missing. I did suspect whether it's illusion or I as too tired, but it kept happening like almost everyday. After a few months, I told my mum about this.

She went to the temple to ask the medium (thanks Darren Low for telling) what is happening to me.

Below is the explanation- I told my friend what I've seen that night. I shouldn't be telling him instead. That "thing" was following me all this while. After the person in the temple did some ritual then I was fine later.

Believe or not? Up to you. More stories in part #2 and so on. Stay tuned. 

English Princess's Birthday at Chung Wa Dae, Ampang

Sick of my previous entry's photos so I decided to blog. Not like I take awesome photos now but when I see the photos taken using compact camera last time, I felt like delete that entry or even close down my blog wtf. #justsaying Later people will say I offend compact camera users again. =P

Btw it's English Princess- Caroline Phang Yu's Birthday last Friday- 15th April! 

Even she is staying in Setapak, Kevin is in Nilai, Jaren in Wangsa Maju and I'm in Serdang, we still celebrate her birthday because she is English Princess mah. (Inside joke) This time round we had English Princess's 23th birthday celebration in a Korean BBQ Restaurant called Chung Wa Dae at Ampang. wtf English meets Korean- culture shock. 


Kevin (thanks for being the driver and picking up everyone from north and south), Jaren and English Princess.


My hair got chopped off and English Princess is a bit out of focus lolol. Btw thanks to Kevin for helping me to take the photos.


KimChi soup FTW!


What I love about Korean cuisine is that, they have tonnes of refillable side dishes.


BBQ pork! Yummsss!


Place the sliced pork on the vege and wrap it! Heaven!


This is Korean style photo taken by the Korean owner of the restaurant.


This is Malaysian style photo taken by the owner of Coffee Berry, Cheras when we met up with Eric and Ken Yaw for yam cha session after the dinner. =)

Ok end of the post. Back to study.

ADV: First Hennessy Artistry 2011 is coming!

It's H.A! H.A.! Gonna get down on H.A.! Every's looking forward to the H.A. H.A.! 

*Rebecca Black wannabe*

The country's most happening party, Hennessy Artistry "The Global Art of Mixing" will be kick-starting its 2011 series in Penang at Voodoo, Upper Penang Road on April 28! Hennessy Artistry will then head down to Klang Valley in The Opera, Sunway Pyramid two days later on April 30!

Since last year's biggest Hennessy Artistry party held at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Covention Centre, one would ask, Hennessy Artistry possibly top that?

Hennessy Artistry 2010, MIECC

The answer is simple- new logo, a brand new Facebook page, and a new interactive Hennessy Mixing Zone which gives you an entire new Hennessy Artistry experience!

Hennessy signature long drinks- Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Citrus, Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Ginger

Whilst its trademark Hennessy Mixing Bar remains to serve guests with tantalizing Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks, the rest of the area will feature new interactive zones which include the Hennessy iMix Challenge for iPad enthusiasts and Hennessy Music Mix Synth booths that encourages the blending of different musical genres to encapsulate the true spirit of Hennessy Artistry's "The Global Art of Mixing". 

The Hennesy Interactive Photowall is also upgraded to allow guests to enhance their photos digitally by choosing different visual backgrounds and shout out phrases such as "Hennessy Rocks", "Show me the Hennessy" and "I Love Hennessy" 

Hennessy Interactive Photowall in Hennessy Artistry 2011, MIECC (Btw Edwin so cute inside! HAHAHA)

The new element this year (Oh my, Hennessy Artistry never fails to come out with awesome new stuff!)- There will be having new high-tech wristband which is called a RFID wristband in which every guest will only receive if they register on Hennessy Malaysia's Facebook page. What happens when you register is that your Facebook profile will be automatically uploaded onto your respective wristbands (awesome max!).

So, for example, when you go to the photowall and take a picture, all you need to do is scan your wristband on a "reader/scanner" at the photowall, and you will automatically tag yourself on the picture in your own Facebook profile or when you go to the Mixing Bar to get a drink, you scan your wristband and your Facebook status automatically be updated. (Talking about awesomeness in social technology yo!)

Hey, it's so cool and guess what you (and I as well) will be one of the very first to experience it!

To keep hype and excited about the coming Hennessy Artistry, gonna bring you some recap photos on the very first and the biggest Hennessy Artistry that I attended in Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centure!


Da Mouth in the house. Thanks to Hennessy Artistry and my friend, Nanalana who invited me to the press conference!


Hooi Nee aka Momok and I. I guess you gonna enjoy yourself at Hennessy Artistry Penang yeah?


Liki- Enjoy yourself in NZ yo! Gonna party on behalf of you! =)


Smashpop, Naomi and Simon.

Note: Photos were all taken by my compact cam Canon IXUS 120S, this explains the horrible quality of photos. T__T Promise to take awesome photos on this coming Hennessy Artistry with my new wifey, stay tuned yo!

Passes to Hennessy Artistry "The Global Art of Mixing" parties are by-invitation only. To stand a chance to be invited to these two upcoming exclusive events, visit the Hennessy Artistry's official Facebook fan page here or follow Hennessy Artistry on Twitter here. The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and aboce only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

Hope to see you guys there! 

Show Luo Zhi Xiang 3D Tour LIVE in Malaysia 2011

Was invited by Kian Fai  to watch Show Luo Zhi Xiang 3D Tour LIVE in Malaysia 2011!
Super disappointed when I was told that we were not allowed to bring our camera in (even compact camera), and wtf I was bringing my dslr.

I didn't carry my camera bag today, I just put my dslr in my sling bag, and I used my lecture notes (teehee, example of good student- brought lecture note to concert but never read) to cover my dslr. Then the RELA team didn't spot it so I sneaked my dslr successfully into the stadium.

Not a good thing though.

When I took out my dslr to shoot, the RELA team came and use the torch light to point at me, with the super angry face warning me that I should keep my camera. In the end I gave up shooting any of the photos and just enjoyed the concert.

But since Jfook is like forever awesome right? Managed to record video and also some photos. This is the best I can do for you guys! =( *wipe tears*


The opening was super awesome I would say, the lightings and all were super state of art lor! Yes, like the title says it all, 3D! Lotsa explosive and visual effects used! Nonetheless I would say, Show Luo's vocal is yet to be improved.


Featuring one of my favourite songs of his. Managed to record total of two minutes before the RELA came and point me again. wtf.



Every was redeeming their cameras after the concert. Wtf lor I don't understand why they wanna set this stupid rule. 


Thanks to Kian Fai for the invite. 

The concert was a blast. So many awesome lala mui and lala zai dressing up as lala (wait they have always been lala) cheering and screaming like crazy. So it was basically like a "lala reunion" ok I shuddup. 

Btw will update very soon!

Fred Perry 1st Anniversary Party at Mist Club, Bangsar

Invited by Amelia to cover Fred Perry's 1st Year Anniversary Party at Mist Club, Bangsar.


Ok having fashion-blogger-wanna-be-syndrome again. Cardigan- The New Look, bought at ION Orchard, Checkered Shirt- Esprit, Skinny Jeans- FOX, bought at Vivocity.


Edwin and his friend.


Band playing non stop last night. Sorry not a rock music lover.


And why you no finish even after an hour?


Nothing better to do, and seriously I hate drinking beer, so we take photos.


Shannon, with Tian Chad photobombed behind.


See my boring face HAHAHA.


Anyway, out of topic a bit here since this entry is too short so plan to merge two entries into one.

Being born and raised up in Sarawak, I understand Sarawak has been the most prosperous state in Malaysia. We have everything from oil, gas, timber to hot chics and hot guys fml. But the development in Sarawak is always far behind and sad to say that many Sarawakians are still living in poverty. Many Sarawakians are still living without electricity supply to their house while we in KL still party around with awesome spot lights fmlx2. And some areas are also inaccessible through roads, helicopters and sampans are the main transport systems in those areas. Sad no?

Perhaps it doesn't happen to me, I'm one lucky Sarawakian, and yeaps, did I ever say that I'm so proud to be Sarawakian? When I say proudly "I'm from Kuching", I love the reaction when people replied me "Wah so far". I don't know why, this is just a feeling of satisfaction I guess. 

Sarawak can be wealthier. It has so much potential as we have everything. Sarawakians are awesome! And to be frank, awesome Sarawakians need awesome leaders to lead them to unleash their awesomeness!

Long story cut short, it's Sarawak State Election on 16th April 2011! Shout out to all Sarawakians and if you're eligible to vote, vote wisely! Your votes are vital because the future generation of Sarawak is all depend on you! 

Development or change? I would say we need to change before we can develop. 

Fml, my blog has never been so informative and patriotic before.

Signing off.