I'm from UPM

Saw my friend posted this video up in facebook and the first thing came over my mind was "I must share and blog about this" regardless there're only like 10 persons reading it or what! Because it's the latest Corporate video of UPM! And I'm from UPM!

I think many of you have not much idea about UPM (actually me myself too before I came into this uni) because it's not as popular as UM and the other unis, but we just surpass the ranking of UM in the latest Top 50 uni in Malaysia! How awesome is that right!

And everyone's like admiring private unis and also oversea unis (so do I) hence UPM is not prestigious to most of us after all! But anyway, watch this video and it might change your mind!

All I can say, after watching this video, I was like super nostalgic!

Cos I haven't been back for almost three months and threre's about 20% of the scenes taken in my Faculty and I saw my lecturer inside!

I don't know, I never proud of being a UPM-ian as I have said before I wish I could do my degree in overseas like others, but I also don't know why I have chosen to be in local uni instead. I think it's because I have always been thinking of saving in education but earning big money in the future! Hahaha how ambitious I am right! LOL.

But seriously I never thought that I have been here for like three years already (after all the ranting and complaints) and it's gonna be my final year this coming semester. How fast is that? I don't know how much knowledge I have equipped myself with to face the working world and all, but I had my great time here!

I have learned how optimistic I am in life even the education system here is very much exam oriented. I learn how to cope with studies and entertainment, and I seriously proud of myself because I could balance both of them after all! Even I'm not a top student, but everyone's the same once we step into the working life, right?

So for those who are coming to UPM in September intake, welcome to this big family!

Rainforest World Music Festival Gala Dinner Night

Was pretty occupied with the peeps from Penang last week and I happened to do many things that impossibly I would do in Kuching like taking a "sampan" across Sarawak River to buy the signature "Sarawak Kek Lapis", went to see crocodiles at crocodile farm, see orang utans and of course loiter around waterfront and shoot photos like a tourist. 

But I have been doing that for like freaking lotsa times cos there're just too many friends coming to Kuching. Ahh or I should be proud of my social circle instead? 

Anyway went to the "Rainforest World Music Festival Gala Dinner" the other day at Waterfront, Kuching. I reached too early because I forgot the existence of Malaysian time where we have to wait for VIPs to reach. Like when the tentative said 9 pm starts, usually it will drag until like 9.40 pm. And some more we have to stand up and clap for the late comers, only because they're VIPs! 

So I went out to a random British style kinda building (spot it yourself if you're at waterfront) where there's some pretty awesome handicraft to see and the first floor of this building actually serves a great place to capture the Sarawak Legislative Assembly Building (DUN). 

In fact I pretty hate this building because it's a white elephant, but after all it's built and so just take photos of it lah.. 


The three ladies tagging along with me that night. =D


The narrow staircase which can fit it only half of me *exaggerating*

Then I went to the venue of Rainforest World Music Festival.


Full of international media, artists, representatives from different companies waiting for the VIPs to reach. *typical Malaysian time* I reckon everyone would be super hungry because the VIPs reached at around 8.45 pm (45 minutes behind the schedule) and some more have to queue for the food! zomg!


And we were given two Heineken vouchers. empty stomach drink Heineken confirm die one! Luckily I had finger food before the event!

After the speech and all, I wasn't patient enough to wait for the long queue and I think the food must be just mehh only, so I went to Hilton Hotel with my Penang peeps to have macarons.




Seriously I have forgotten the price of the macarons! So forgetful! Maybe because I'm not the one who pay lol.


Recycled photo.


The "queen of tapao"- Elaine tapao-ed macarons back for her family. lolol.

And I was still hungry so headed to the famous burger stall opposite Swinburne to have burger.


Pretty pricey right?


Leave you the hot and juicy meat patty with cheese.....


Rainforest World Music Festival 2011, Kuching, Sarawak

Ahhhh this is something exclusive and awesome! You better finish reading it...=P

I was being invited as one of the three media bloggers by Sarawak Tourism Board and also SarawakBloggers.com to attend the 14th Rainforest World Music Festival from 8th to 10th July! 

I have never been to any of the Rainforest World Music Festival even it has been held annually in Sarawak Cultural Village for freaking 14 years! #phailkuchingnite And my friends from West Malaysia have been so excited about it and there're always "Caucasian Overload" on the streets in Kuching during that period (which is super awesome because I get to "makan" ice cream and "cuci mata' at the same time wtf)

On 8th July, I drove from Kuching at 12 pm with Michelle, Mary and Ai Ping to One Hotel Santubong and reached around 1 something! Then I went to get my media pass at the hotel.There were some problems in between- they couldn't find my passes so I waited like half an hour for them to print out my media pass. 

Taddaaa.. My media pass! 

The first thing we did when we arrived was to check out the location map and time table! There're ongoing three workshops in three different locations, and we can choose which ever workshops that we're interested in. Btw the two ladies above are Michelle and Ai Ping from Penang!

The first workshop we went was "Bow Wow!" at Theatre- which was music performances through amazing bowed instruments! We were late for the workshop so we just get to see like 50% of the performance. But guess what, the new Theatre was awesome! 

Pitcher plant ceiling lights in the middle! So artsy!

We walked around Cultural Village after that since Michelle and Ai Ping had never been to Cultural Village before.

Say "HI" to Michelle, Ai Ping and Mary at Rumah Melanau wtf.

With the members of Kenge Kenge from Kenya!

And I met the most tattoo drawings on one person's body in my life! I seriously can't imagine the pain he had to tahan lor! I think I'm never gonna torture myself by tattooing myself even I think it's quite cool if you take off your shirt and there's a big dragon on your chest or something. Hahaha!

Leweton's Water Music at the lakeside! An old woman sitting near us said "what's so interesting about hitting the water!" I kinda agree with her hahahaha.

Cos there's something more interesting! Ahhh sexy back.*playing sexy back song by Justin Timberlake* =D

Mountain Music at Dewan Lagenda! I love this max! Saw the two guys playing violin? They're from Finland! They're like super awesome! I love their music lor.. ok stop listening to Lady Gaga's songs #justsaying


Since I didn't get a proper video of them performing in Rainforest World Music Festival so I was like replaying this video that I found in youtube for like freaking thousands times in my room. =D 

And I got a photo with them! *totally ignoring others*

And back to Theatre to enjoy the Eastern Modal Music which is super peaceful and relaxing! Totally different style from the previous one. The lady's voice was freaking amazing that I really got goosebumps when listening to her! And the man standing is from Bulgaria, super humble and down to earth! 

Ready to party tonight! There're two stages- Stage 1 and Stage 2!

Camwhore first. =P

With the awesome peeps!

Oh yeah one thing I wanna highlight here! From my previous experience in Bon Odori 2010, I thought the food sold in Rainforest World Music Festival's gonna be super expensive. Being a "kiam" person, I decided to buy some snacks at hypermarket before going, but sad to say that outside food was not allowed as there're stalls selling food there! Even Coffee Bean opened a booth there! And the food wasn't expensive at all! I bought my Chicken Rice from "My Chicken Shop" (what a name) at only RM 4! Cheap or not! So guys, you don't have to worry of burning a hole on your pocket by just buying food! You can get amazing food at reasonable price in Rainforest World Music Festival too! 

Master of Sape from Sarawak began the awesome night!

And the lighting was really good! Thumb's up to the organizer!

Say "hi" to Colan! I was watching the concert and suddenly I saw him fighting with a girl, then i asked him to come and we started to chat. =D He's from Tasmania. Here's our conversation:

Me: Hey you love to fight?
Colan: *Nod his head"
Me: I love to fight as well. Do you wanna fight with me?
Colan: What's your name?
Me: Teo. T-E-O. I'm from Kuching. You know Kuching?
Colan: Yes, Kuching means "Cat" in BM. 
Me: Very smart of you. Do you know I'm famous? *start lying*
Colan: Why're you famous?
Me: Cos I plant banana and make pineapple tarts. *wtf*
Colan: Ohh.. Lets fight.
Me: Sure. 

Then he belasah me kao kao with the "Heineken balloon thingy" and I totally surrendered. And his parents came in rescue to prevent "adult abuse" by a child wtf. 

Then I asked him to fight with my friend, Mary instead. He also belasah her kao kao!

PROOF of Mary kena belasah kao kao by Colan HAHAHAHAHA!

Then I stopped him before Mary get bruises, bones get fragmented and severe injury fml, I told him I'm gonna be the referee, and I said to him "you're a man, you must be gentle to a lady! So if you wanna hit, hit her softly." HAHAHAHAHA.

 Then he really hit Mary softly HAHAHAHA...

Met bloggers- Melissa and Sherry who came over to Kuching for the event.

Anyway I went off earlier because I was totally worn out after whole day under the sun. Super sad and disappointed because I missed Frigg's performance! I wish I could see them live again. T___T If only I'm being sponsored to attend the event and Frigg is coming next year. Fingers cross. 

Hope to see you guys next year!

ADV: Liverpool FC is coming to KL! GET BEHINDYOURTEAM NOW!

Wanted to update my Rainforest World Music Festival entry but my lappie is like forever fail on me- it kept shutting down automatically! Must be due to the hot weather and also excessive use of photoshop that my lappie cannot tahan and protest by shutting down on its own! See lappie also can protest why humans cannot? *sarcasm*

My lappie protests but I hope my blog readers don't protest lah.. cos it's an advertorial entry. =P Got advertorial means more money, more money means more motivation to blog, more motivation to blog means got more blog entries and you guys can read more entries =D 


For your information, Standard Chartered are the biggest bank in Asia and proud sponsors of Liverpool Football Club. *hearing Liverpool Fans cheering crazily* 

They have arranged a tour to China and Malaysia where two games will be played against the local teams of the respective countries.

For Malaysian football fans, here it's the good news- the match between Liverpool Football Club and Malaysia (Harimau Malaya or something?) will take place on the 16th July at 5.45 pm in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

To raise awareness of this relationship and make sure Liverpool FC get a great welcome from that part of the world, Standard Chartered wants you to show your support to Liverpool Football Club by leaving a good luck message on a fresh, new application which is built inside the Liverpool FC tour website. 

Here are the simple steps:- 


Log on to the official website http://www.lfctour.com/english/getbehindyourteam.


Then type in your welcome message and click "send"! Mine was "Welcome to Malaysia! Malaysia is #BERSIH!"! Yeah, Malaysia is a clean and peaceful country, don't you agree? =D


You will be then create an avatar and you will be able to see it proudly holding up your message in the stadium. 


Enter the competition by filling in your details and you could win two tickets to the match and the chance to meet a player from the team. Get your friends involved and if they vote for your message you might make it on the leader board which will show the top 10 messages. The winner will be picked from the leaderboard and the message displayed. You can then cheer on your favourite team at the match.

Thanks to Standard Chartered for bringing Liverpool FC to Malaysia, indeed a good news to all Liverpool FC fans right!

Before I get back to blog..

Have been busy lately that I only online for less than half an hour per day so basically I'm so busy till I don't know how to describe how busy I am to you because you wouldn't believe how can a person who's on holiday would be that busy wtf.

You know why?

I'm back to tourist guide mode again cos my friends are coming over to Kuching, and I'm bringing them around, plus I need to give tuition on Saturdays. Oh my God, it's like super hectic! 

I just get to keep myself updated with the latest news today and I'm super pissed off with how the people being treated on the Bersih Rally! They just want a clean election, nothing wrong with that. And it's a peaceful demonstration until the police start to do stupid things like hurting the people! 

Anyway, just a photo before I get back to blogging!

Macrons again fml.

See ya soon!

Internship in Kuching PART 4

Photos of my last day of internship at Pathology Department! Guess you won't hear me talking more about internship anymore. So one last entry I promise, if not I think you guys gonna sick of this blog....

With Ting who was the only one who "layan" us when we were in the cold and cruel Biochemistry Lab. Apparently the staffs there didn't even give a damn on us (all the interns who're under degree programme) due to some working politics behind which I guess it's not good to be revealed here. But he was moved to Drug Lab (which was pronounced by him as "Drug Let" thanks to Foo Chow dialect) after that and this lab was like the place where we crapped and had our lame jokes.

With the staffs at Parasitology Lab. Just spent one afternoon there and we had enough shit inside. Thank God it's one afternoon because I don't have to look at shit after that.

With staffs at Serology Lab. *Note the Korean guy beside me wtf*

At Microbiology lab for two weeks. Learnt like super a lot of things (but apparently I think I've forgotten them all now) and the staffs all look fierce but they are like super nice people! 

With the staffs at Sample Receiving section. Very friendly!

At blood bank! It's the place where all the blood samples are stored, and providing compatible blood when needed! This section has to be like 0% error because incompatible blood will cause death to patients!

At Histopathology Lab in which I was kinda tu lan because I have to pack the cut off breast in the plastic bag and fill formalin inside. Super gross and smelly and oily wtf! 
Use this photo which has no me inside because the one which got me is like so horribly taken. But still, I need to learn to take portrait photo of a group of people. Seriously love the three persons who're sitting at the front row. From the left- Dr Ahmed (who is so down to earth and so soft spoken), Dr Joseph (apparently I just think he is super good looking plus he is a Dr. So keng! I also want to be like that hahaha, wait till I go plastic surgery first), and Mdm Chung (who I like to listen to her never ending loud voice like talking in Pasar Malam wtf haha)

Mr. Mijen. Amitabha give us high high marks thank you.

At Cytology Lab. I'm like super fat here. damnit. Talked lotsa crap here with the staffs here. 

These are the cutest staffs- Mdm Kong and Mr Sia. Mdm Kong is like super cute and I fall in love with her Foo Chow Slang- like pronounce "acceptable" as "asep-table"!

The staffs here have been so good to us that I feel very guilty of not being discipline enough. Sometimes I was so lazy to wake up for work that I was late for a couple of times. Sometimes my friends and I went to media preparation room to sleep and the staffs saw us sleeping and still said "why not going to another room inside to sleep? The air cond in that room is much colder." Where got staffs ask students who're under internship to sleep at more comfy place one? We're so pampered lah! And they never scolded us before one lor. And I still remember I randomly said "Kak, I'm hungry!" and the kak working there really took out her bread for me to eat! Omg meltx2! Aiya I don't want to elaborate more, but the thing is, I don't feel like I'm having internship but I feel like I'm the staff there. I'm not being controlled or asked to do anything, but I'm being well guided and everything! Ok stop all the praising- in short, I enjoyed myself so much working in Sarawak General Hospital lah!

But the thing is- because of personal reason, for sure I won't be working in hospital. That's for sure. 

Oh yeah, I also get to know a doctor working there. Didn't get to take photo with him! He's like the most friendly doctor in the hospital because he asked me to help him process his patient's sputum sample (with puppy eyes) which was suspected to be infected by tuberculosis! Due to his continuous begging, I processed the sputum sample without staff's guidance (which I didn't know why I got the courage to do so too because tuberculosis is a super infectious and air borne disease!) After the begging incident, the doctor and I sort of became friends, and we talked when he came over to our lab to trace results! That's the first time I feel I'm not useless and I'm able to contribute to people!

Anyway, wanna go sleep now! Now switch character from an intern to tutor. Tomorrow teaching kids Add Maths and Bio. All the best to me. 

Fast Forward

So my life is very much about internship at the moment. 

Working in Pathology Department for two months is seriously enough for me. Have been entering almost every lab either for one week or two and the staffs will go "Wtf? One week only? Not enough lah!" 

Ok I made it up. They didn't say "wtf".

I know I've been ranting how much I hate about working in hospital. It's boring, it's lifeless, it's low paid...or maybe I just hate working in Malaysia after all cos when I'm ranting, sentences like "lousy Malaysia...", "Why working in Malaysia so low paid one..." and all the criticizes how horrible this country is; then later I will praise how good the other countries are, then our neighboring country- Singapore will always be the preferred example.

I think I'm gonna have 0 Malaysia friends in the end.

So I eliminate the possibility of myself working in hospital after I graduate as Bachelor of Science (Biomedicine). Meaning I eliminate the possibility of working as science officers and medical laboratory technologist. Basically I hate all the lab based jobs.

Then left sales. (sales here meaning working for companies like Rosche which supply medical equipment or reagents to hospitals and I'm doing direct sales or something like this.)

On the other hand, I wish to reach phD level because I'm a kiasu syndrome patient, no diagnosis is needed because I know myself well. I just wanna be better than other people and believe it or not, my "kiasu-ness" can always be the sole motivation to drive me reaching higher level of education.

Ok maybe I won't say this is "kiasu", but I just wanna be different, different in a better way.

But between sales and post grad, which is better?

This comes the fast forward part.

I got so much worries in my life that it can make me emo to the extent of not feel like eating....errrr supper. I worry I got not enough money to buy a car, to buy a house, to pay all the expenses for my future wedding fml, to travel to different countries, to take care of my parents, to eat good food, to provide education for my children (I want them to go oversea to study).

What if one day, I feel like eating out and my wife will say "Hubby, I'm gonna cook today. We have not much money left" and it's just the mid of the month! Then all we have is salted vegetable, salted egg, and salted fish for dinner. Pathetic it is. 

Or or what if one day, my children got like extremely good results in their SPM (O Level) and they failed to get scholarship from the government due to forever unsolved racism and also their super poor daddy who got no $$ to send them study abroad and they end up working part time and study, or whatever obstacles which stop them from studying abroad.That's even more pathetic right?

Life has always been involving money.

I wanna be wealthy- not because I'm a superficial guy who wishes to own all the branded stuffs in the world, but money, seems to be one of the most effective tool to solve problems. 

Those people who say they are poor but happy. They are indeed liars!

Hey when you got not enough money to pay your bills, are you happy? 

When your children asking for extra pocket money, and you can't give them, are you happy?

When you see others eating good at 5 Star hotel, and you're cooking maggi mee at home, you're happy or not!

Girls, when you see your friends are carrying designer handbags and you're using a fake one, cos you can't afford to buy one, you're unhappy too are you?

Yes, we are that realistic.

Money can buy happiness! Stop saying that money can't buy happiness.That's stupid.

I have always been hoping my life will fast forward x1000. I don't want to make wrong decisions in life like refusing to do my postgrad and start regretting that I go for sales since sales can earn like 5k a month even you're a fresh grad. Or vice versa- I regret I'm doing sales and wish I get back to study postgrad in order I got the title of "Dr" and I can earn like super a lot in the future.


I think all I need is a fortune teller. But fortune teller can always be wrong after all right?

Maybe all those crazy stuffs popping on my mind is because I'm the only son in the family. I'm like pressurizing myself on my future planning even I'm 23. At the age of not even having a girl friend and seriously got no achievement apart from being an intern who laughs the loudest in the hospital fml.

I never get myself serious in life, I'm so happy go lucky that I even question myself that how can I get to this stage of my life after all and yet now I'm demanding so much?

God knows what happen to me in the future. I guess He should give more to someone that demanding like me. At least I'm working hard... ok even not as hard as others.

My Paranormal Activity Encounter #2

Ok my Paranormal Activity Encounter #2.

It happened during my pre uni (or Form 6). I was pretty much active in curricular activities since one of the criteria stated to enter local university is to be active in curricular activities. (After all I don't think it does help much, academic result is still the main priority.)

So imagine a 19 year old boy wearing prefect school uniform standing at the back gate of the school alone, writing down the late comer's names and hand them up to the discipline teachers and get hated everyone in the school. fml.

Ok the story isn't about paranormal activity at the back gate! Fyl for those who thought that something happened at the back gate.

It was actually during Prefect's Night. Every year a special night to "reward" the prefects is held in various lousy hotels so as that year. We all hate the fact that we students have to pay for the dinner (and pay for the teachers and staffs as well who come empty stomach just for food!) and organize the flow of the events ourselves! Wtf.

There were a couple of girls prefects in my car that night. At about 11 something, I sent all of them back, and I was in the car alone.

Before continue my story, let me tell you briefly the route back to my house. I actually need to pass by a cemetery (super huge one) and U turn in order to reach my house. (After the U turn there are still quite a few turnings to reach, so my house is not like opposite the cemetery or anything.)

Same old route that night.

Just that it was raining. Not heavy, but it's enough to blur my vision while I was driving at night. The road was extraordinary quiet, which I was wondering why it could be that quiet. Just like the cemetery.

I was driving slow, enjoying myself, listening to Hitz.fm. So the moment I passed the cemetery. Something happened.

I saw three bicyclists riding towards my car! Yes, they were riding in opposite direction! In the rain! Due to the rain, I spotted them like when they were two or three metres away from me! They were so near that I thought I gonna knock them and kill any of them, if not three, then two!

I remember the one at the middle vividly.

He was wearing a hat and I was so sure that he is an Asian, and the bicycle was the old fashioned kinda bicycles (My sixth sense told me they were Japanese Soldiers or something)

Of course I wouldn't have time to analyze they were or weren't Asians because everything happened in a sudden and I had to react fast.

I just turned my sterling anti clock wise as much as I could..... Like I was going to do a big U turn or something. Guess what, my car was sliding to the cemetery!

The moment I avoid myself to knock on anyone of them, I saw one of them passing by my car, no, I should say floating. Yes, floating.

I screamed "WHAT THE FUCK!" cos I thought I knocked the other two!

Then I turned my sterling back again (to my surprise my Kenari was still stable) and I looked at the side mirror, but guess what, that's a real adrenaline rush when I found out that the road was still empty. NO CAR AT ALL.


While I was driving back, I kept on praying to Buddha. My heart was pumping fast, I was so scared, I knew I didn't kill anyone or what.. But I was like, omg I survived from an accident.

I told my parents what had happened when I reached home.

My dad replied,"You know what day is today? It's the 14th of July according to Luna Calender."

So Hungry Ghost Festival Eve it is.

Compilation of my Portrait Shots

Take a break from horror blog entry first!

Just a compilation of some portrait shots that I took recently. You might have seen them if you have my Facebook. For those who are not in my Facebook friends list or you never bother to see my shots or you have missed it, here you are!

Selangorlicious Media Launch at Full House, Sunway Giza.

Quite like this shot. How nice if Jacklyn was wearing white that night. hmm...

At Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Look like some kinda magazine shot for kids clothes. lol *screw the two DSLR holders behind ruining my photo*


I love colourful and vibrant shots. Sad the "tudung" is covering Emy's eyes. =(


I think you guys have seen this.


Message I wanna deliver is hope and future. *pretend to be pro in photography*

Stephanie's Photoshoot in Putrajaya. There were 340 photos taken, 25 chosen and uploaded in my Facebook and these are my favourite ones. 


Slightly emo and lonely kinda feel.




Keep comments coming in. I'm not a professional photographer, but I admit I do have slight enthusiasm in photography. I just love to carry my dslr and shoot people, food or scenery around me. 

Btw all the photos are taken using my wife- Canon 550D in case there're still readers asking me what dslr am I using since I never revealed in my blog.

Have a nice day!