When you were at tHe Spring, Kuching on 29th May...(Show Luo's Promo Tour in Malaysia)

When you were at tHe Spring, Kuching on 29th May,


You can watch Show Luo's Showcase if you have free passes like me. But that's not a good thing. It's simply a disaster. I will tell you why later. (By the way, Show Luo is a famous singer, host and actor from Taiwan)


I supposed to stand in Zone C. It's called Front of Stage Passes. And yes, I'm in front of the stage, so far from the stage. I was being pushed by little girls (Fuck them) and they simply thought I'm some tower thingy or what, wanna climb my body up to see Show Luo. And they succeeded, and shouted "Owh..it's SHOW!!" I was like "If he's not, then he must be jfook".


You can only listen to him singing 1 song. Yes, just ONE song. Probably Najib asked him to sing 1 song in conjunction with 1 Malaysia. wtf.


You can get his signature. Don't misunderstand. I'm not that humble to get his signature. Haha. Photo credit from my friend. By the way, I got better looking signature than him. You want it now?


You can see real Malaysians here! Fuck those who did this!! So good at poking holes, go poke your wife's one lar!


The food court never been that full.


You can see Digi booth was so crowded like there's no other mobile service provider in Malaysia.


And Hotlink Booth at the Center Court has never been that empty. Everyone is using Digi in Kuching. Wee..

End of the post.

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