From Baby Jfook till Mr Jfook

This is gonna be a damn scary post with lotsa disgusting photos of me!!!


Photos are not being edited or photoshopped to retain the originality of the photos.

I'm still on holiday, so I went to dig all my old photos out today, and I find it would be rather interesting to share some of them with you.

I still remember vividly that when I was a baby, my mum loved to take photos of me when I was taking bath, when I was angry, when I was crying, when I "merajuk" lying on the floor half naked cos I dun wan to take bath.

I was a damn emo and naughty kid I tell you.

Ok lets go on with the pics.
Baby Jfook!! I was playing a toy piano. So damn cute no?

Fast forward to when I was about five years old, wah, poser somemore! I still remember we had some sort of road trip to far far away. The thing hanging around my neck was a water bottle. Ok, my mum loved to hang a bottle around my neck, and kept nagging me to drink water every now and then as if I gonna die of dehydration if I don't drink water every five minutes.
Another photos of me with water bottle hanging around my neck...(By the way, this was taken at Changi Airport, Singapore. My first time traveling out from Kuching on plane).
And more hanging bottles photos.....-______________- (And this was taken at Langkawi, traveled to West Malaysia after visiting Singapore which was one year later)
I love to eat cakes. This was taken during my cousin's birthday. I looked as if I never eat an cake before!! This explains why I grew fatter.

I was a damn super emo and bad tempered kid last time.

Evidence of me being emo!! HAHAHAHA. Not willing to take photos in Wind Cave, Kuching since I was tu lan with the trip. No food to eat probably HAHAHAHA
See I told you am damn emo one ok?? I hate my little cousin so much cos I had to take care of him when he's in my house and I always get scolded by mum because of him. And now, for no reason, asking me to take photos with him. Of course I will "main jeling jeling" lah.

Ok those are not so horrible photos of me ok?

Lets see the horrible ones.

I f**king hate myself when I look at this photo. I looked like a nerd, "Ah Te", stupid and whatever bad nicknames you can call me.
What about this one?? HAHAHA. I understand why I was called "Ju Ba Jie" during Primary 6 after looking at this photo. So damn hurt. I mean who wanna become "Ju Ba Jie" if you got chance to become "Sun Wu Kong" right?? "Ju Ba Jie" is damn pervert, fat and ugly. Being called "Ju Ba Jie" means you are "Hiao Pek" and fat, no one likes you!!!

But I always think, being fat is not a crime what. My mum feeds me well, what can I do? My breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner and supper are like super awesome. Not my fault right?

Lets fast forward a bit.
This was taken during Form 2 in Miri. You must be asking what did I do cos I looked damn tired inside. First, look at my tummy, you know I'm fat. FAT means I can't move too much. Moving too much will make me sweat more. When I sweat, this is how I look like.
Walao, who is that uncle? Ok, it's me, when I was Form 4. I still remember that was my first time using Gatsby Wax to style my hair. HAHAHA. Damn chio ok?? Apparently the outcome is DURIAN LOOK. HAHAHAHA.

Apparently I was forever fat, oily and sweaty throughout my life before entering uni.

When I needed to run during "Pendidikan Jasmani" class in primary school, I will hear laughing and giggling behind me.

While I was running, I could see my friends overtook me even I was the first to run.

I was being called "eu eu" (means oily) in secondary school but I'm forever chilled with that nickname.

I need to wear singlets in my school uniform cos I sweat too much, and to cover my man boobs, Wtf.

I was being called clumsy like forever.

But I guess it all ends now, at least AT THE MEAN TIME, I'm not fat anymore.

By the way, I hope those old photos would not make you forget how I look like now. Ok, in order to remind you how do I look like NOW, gonna show you my recent pic.
Ok lah chill yeah! Hope you enjoy reading!

Be honest when you're writing a blog. Don't cheat. :)

With Adverlets, Adsense and also Nuffnang popping out, everyone wishes to earn easy money from blogging. But while you blog, there are something in which you, who gonna publish something which will be seen worldwhile should consider about. And I'm gonna tell you right in this blog.

I think bloggers should be honest when they are doing food review. 

With heavy and high tech gadgets you have plus the awesome photoshop as well as photo editing skills, you definitely can tempt your readers with the food that you eat in your blog.

Let me show you  an example.

This is the photo of the Johny Dory Fish that I had without being edited and photoshopped. Look ordinary right?

And this is edited by using Picasa. See the difference? It looks more tempting, brighter and attractive compared to the unedited one.

What I wanna clarify in this post is that, if the food is not good, you (I mean bloggers here) definitely have to tell your readers that the food in that restaurant is bad!  

Don't mislead your readers.

I agree everyone has different tastebuds, and you might think the food is good and I might think differently.


This is the responsibility of being a blogger.

Takkan you have to praise the food gao gao in your blog if the food that you eat is bad. If it's bad please tell your readers it's bad! So your readers would not waste their money and time visiting that restaurant but eventually found that they get cheated by YOU!

Don't blog for the sake of popularity! Telling lies won't bring you any further peeps!

Let me share with you my experience on having the worst western food experience ever in my life! I read reviews by a couple of quite famous bloggers in Kuching about this cafe called Frienz and Family. They mentioned the food there was not bad so I went there to give a try on Father's Day.
You know what? The chicken chop with brown sauce that we ordered was not cooked and it was still bloody and cold inside!

You might say it was just a coincidence that this kinda unfortunate event happened to me or something. but if you were me, dining in a restaurant with the chef serving you an uncooked chicken, would you visit that restaurant again??

BUT, I'M SAYING "BUT" HERE, if you are such a lazy reader, which don't bother to read the content, you definitely thought everything reviewed in the blog is good by just looking at the pics!

I ever wrote once about having lousy food in House of Buffet here.

And some readers who didn't bother to read the content of the review wrote "slurp delicious", "berbunyi perut saya" and "drooling" in the comment box.

So if that happens, it's their business! Because they are lazy so they don't have the right to blame anyone if they happen to visit the restaurant and find out that the food is actually sucks!

Don't mislead readers with the tittle of your blog!

Nuffnangers include me post their blog in Nuffnang innit to increase their blog traffic. But some just love to mislead the readers by attractive yet not true tittles.
Like this one. "My dad and boyfriend died today".
Everyone including me, who see this tittle would definitely click the tittle and read right?

But the blog started off with "TWO DAYS AGO, I WOKE UP ABRUPTLY IN A POOL OF COLD SWEAT AT 10.30 A.M." 

Read the original entry here.

Ok, eventually I get to know, it's just a DREAM. Damn it. Everyone got cheated by the tittle of the blog in innit. 

By the way, this Singaporean lady blogger is called "ahcursed", no wonder she is CURSING her boyfriend and dad. Hope karma won't happen to her though. *Fingers cross*


The reason I write this entry is to make an awareness that honesty is something which we should practise in life, include little things like blogging. 

So please be honest to your readers yeah!

To "ahcursed", don't get offended ok?

Hope you guys enjoy reading and happy blogging!

10 Facts about Studying in Local Universities

On one random day out, Elaine and I were talking about local universities. Most of our friends are studying in private colleges or universities and we are like the only one in the group who stuck in Malaysia.

Apart from that, both of us are studying in the same university-

Univesiti Putra Malaysia. And also taking the same course- Biomedical Sciences.

For those who are like Elaine and I- didn't get the chance to go oversea to pursue our study, you should read this, perhaps you might feel better and at least feeling grateful that you're studying locally. 

But for those who are studying in private universities OR you're going to do so, perhaps you should shut up and leave this blog right now.

1. You get to finish a degree course by paying less than RM 10,000.
You might show the expression like me below,

and say "WHAT??? LESS THAN RM 10,000????"

For my four year course, I only pay about RM 8000 since 70% of the tuition fee is subsidized by government. By the way, RM 8000 is inclusive of almost everything except my party and clubbing expenses. LOL.

2. Even the tuition fee is like so effing cheap already, you get to apply zillions of scholarship and loans.
By the way, I'm under JPA scholarship which has its own pro and con. 
The pro is that you get to enjoy RM 5000 per semester and additional of RM 700 for your air tickets if you are from East Malaysia. The con is that, you have to work for government. But some people would think it's a good thing since they don't have to worry much about being unemployed in the future.
Apart from JPA, there are so many scholarship and loans out there for you to grab like Yayasan (of the respective state), PTPTN and so on.

3. You definitely will  lose your fashion sense if you're in local university.
If you're in local U, there's no such culture as girls wearing heels and guys wearing faded jeans to lecture hall since everyone is following the "etika pemakaian pelajar".
And the guys hair should be....

like this.

Of course no students are following this anymore, but when you're going to the student council or some important functions held by uni, you would expect yourself wearing like this.
So you would say, this shouldn't be an advantage of studying locally since you gonna make yourself more kolot right?
Here are the reasons
First reason- You would save huge sum of money by not following the current fashion trend.
Second reason- You don't have to worry what to wear for lecture everyday cos no one gonna give a damn on it.
Third reason- No one gonna laugh at you if you're wearing your grandma or grandpa's clothes.

4. You are like anyone else around the world, struggle like hell during assignment as well as presentation week.
*This time I'm not gonna show you my scary and tired looking face*

5. You are like anyone else around the world, stress like hell duing finals.
Perhaps, we're not going for "pass and fail" matters. It's all about getting First Class Honor or not. And this has made the study environment becomes so tense. Everyone is struggling to get CGPA 3.75 and above as if you're dumb if you can't get it. The "kiasu" atmosphere is so prevalent in local universities and I hope there's something that the government should take action on it.

6. You get to go back to hometown more often than any of your friends do.
If you're a homesick person, you should opt to study locally. If not, I bet you gonna die of homesick. I'm not really a homesick person, so it's still ok for me. But I'm someone who really sticks closely to my family, so yeaps, study locally is good though. 
Besides, semester breaks are like freaking long and you get to savour your own hometown food till you drop. Perhaps I should promote Laksa here! Sarawak Laksa is the best!

7. You get to have free food all the time!

You can have free food like most of the time.
There are a lot of "jamuan" and "kenduri" throughout the year. The good thing about those kenduri and jamuan is that, they are all FREE!
So you know why I love pork so much? Simply because I had too much chicken back in uni.

8. The name of local universities are always the most unglamorous one.
X: National University of Singapore (NUS)
Y: Cool!
X: University of Nottingham
Y: Great!
X: Taylor's University
Y: Wow!
X: Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Y: What ah?

At least I always have the chance to tell people how great UPM is when they respond WHAT AH right?

9. You're like CInderella because you've to come back to hostel before 12 am. If not you gonna sleep at the roadside.
But if you're a party animal,

You must do something out of it then.

10. You sing Negaraku more often than anyone else do.
Yes, that's making us more patriotic. We sing our National Anthem like in every occasion. 
I only always do lip singing when the national anthem is played.

You might be asking, why am I writing this post. It's not simply because I'm too free or being busy body or trying to show off (there's nothing to show off btw) or worse I'm not trying to tell you how good studying locally is. 

What I wanna clarify here is that, everyone wishes to pursue their tertiary education if can, in oversea right? I mean who wanna stuck in Malaysia if you have the chance to experience the wonders outside Malaysia. In fact, the standard of local universities are yet to be improved and there are so much to be done in order to push our local universities to a higher level.

Nonetheless, this entry is especially for those who can't afford to study oversea. Like me, I have to go through the toughest two years of studying in my life in Form 6. And those lucky ones, they got into Matriculation. These are the two main routes to get into local universities.

By the way, tomorrow is the release of UPU 2009/ 2010 local universities application results.

Good luck and all the best!

Hope all of you could get your desire courses and universities!

When you were at tHe Spring, Kuching on 29th May...(Show Luo's Promo Tour in Malaysia)

When you were at tHe Spring, Kuching on 29th May,


You can watch Show Luo's Showcase if you have free passes like me. But that's not a good thing. It's simply a disaster. I will tell you why later. (By the way, Show Luo is a famous singer, host and actor from Taiwan)


I supposed to stand in Zone C. It's called Front of Stage Passes. And yes, I'm in front of the stage, so far from the stage. I was being pushed by little girls (Fuck them) and they simply thought I'm some tower thingy or what, wanna climb my body up to see Show Luo. And they succeeded, and shouted "'s SHOW!!" I was like "If he's not, then he must be jfook".


You can only listen to him singing 1 song. Yes, just ONE song. Probably Najib asked him to sing 1 song in conjunction with 1 Malaysia. wtf.


You can get his signature. Don't misunderstand. I'm not that humble to get his signature. Haha. Photo credit from my friend. By the way, I got better looking signature than him. You want it now?


You can see real Malaysians here! Fuck those who did this!! So good at poking holes, go poke your wife's one lar!


The food court never been that full.


You can see Digi booth was so crowded like there's no other mobile service provider in Malaysia.


And Hotlink Booth at the Center Court has never been that empty. Everyone is using Digi in Kuching. Wee..

End of the post.